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Question:      What is the cost of the services?


    The cost and timing of implementation can only be determined after evaluating the materials of our specialists and clarifying all the issues.

Question:      What materials should I send for evaluation?


    Drawings, sketches, photos (non-professional on the phone or a regular camera) or pictures from the Internet, if the goods are not in your possession. Materials should give an idea of the appearance (geometry), color and texture of the goods, for our specialists who will create a computer model.
     Also, write the wishes (if possible with examples) - what result do you want to get at the output.

Question:      Where are we located?


    We provide services for customers all over the world. To save you and our time, we work remotely, based on the materials listed above.

Question:       Advantages of visualization in comparison with the classic photo:


  • We can visualize any object in no matter the size

  • The ability to create an image of the goods, before the production begins

  • You do not need to spend time and money on transportation, goods, to the studio

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